The Sugar Bees are a team of young girl scouts (Presumably around the ages of 10-12). They appear in the episode, "Cookie Racket". They are the former-rivals of Pickle and Peanut. Pickle settles the rivalry by giving the Sugar Bees the secret ingredient to his grandmother's recipe, which is "Love" (Later revealed that the "Love" was made out of a gray mixture and teeth, which the Sugar Bees never found out about). They seem popular for their cookies "Minty Choo-Choos", which were chocolate and mint cookies, people stopped buying these cookies because they preferred Pickle's baked goods, which was only the start of their rivalry.



  • The Sugar Bee leader and her assistant were shown driving a van, even though it was revealed they were young children in this episode, which would be illegal.
  • The Sugar Bee's most-known and popular cookies were their mint and chocolate cookies, "Minty Choo-Choos", which in real life, is a very popular cookie-type, but instead named "Thin Mints".