Pickle the Falcon Master

Pickle Adopts a Family

(open up on Pickle and Peanut)
Pickle: 298, 299, 300.
Peanut: Hey, Pickle. What's with all the garbage in here?
Pickle: If you send in 300 of these thingies from the boxes, you win a prize.
Peanut: Svenzeohs? What kind of crazy foodstuffs is this?
Pickle: It's a nutritious and semi-delicious cereal I bought at the Recession Barn.
Peanut: Let me get this straight. You ate 300 boxes of this? It smells like wet fur. And how did you figure out there was even a prize? This isn't a language. This isn't even a usable font.
Pickle: I can't figure out what the prize is, just that there is one. I like to take chances, Peanut. I'm kind of a daredevil. And for your information, I didn't eat 300 boxes of Svenzeohs. I gave 'em to the ducks in the park.
(the scene shifts to a duck eating Svenzeohs and fainting, then shifts to a screen saying "A FEW WEEKS LATER", and then shifts back to Pickle and Peanut)
Peanut: Look. Just 'cause it's called pantyhose doesn't mean you can't make a sick wrestler mask out of it. We can be the Hose Bros.
Pickle: Uh, I don't know. This feels pretty weird.
(doorbell rings; Pickle sees his prize at the door and gasps.)
Pickle: It's here! It's finally here! The cereal prize is finally here!
Creature: Peep.
(Pickle and Peanut gasp. The small creatures start walking around the house.)
Pickle: What are they?
(The creatures start causing a mess.)
Peanut: This has gotta be a massive mistake.
(Pickle walks over to two of the creatures.)
Pickle: No, no, no. Me Pickle. What am you?
(The creatures peep.)
Pickle: (giggles) They are kinda cute.
Peanut: Ugh. (he is shown holding one of the small creatures) I think this one just peed.
(The creature peeps.)
(Pickle sees one of them under the blanket.)
Pickle: Awwww. This one's burrowing.
(The orange creature peeps.)
Peanut: Okay, man. Let's get 'em back in the box.
Pickle: Huh? Why?
Peanut: This is no prize. This is a burden. Ugh! I thought it was something cool like a whistle.
Pickle: I think I should keep 'em. I make a good Pops. It'll be like those kittens I found, but, this time, it'll end better. You'll see.
Peanut: It sounds like it's gonna be a lot of work and a real drag.
(The pink creature is seen under Peanut's leg.)
Echoing voice: Affection, affection, affection. Maternal instincts, stincts, stincts, stincts.
Pickle: Oh, come on. We'll be a big dumb family.
(cut to a picture of a family with the words "MONTAGE OF TOGETHERNESS" onscreen)
Echoing voice: Montage of togetherness, togetherness, togetherness.

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