The 7/11 Occurence

(We see Dickle looking at porno magazines at 7/11)

Dickle: dam i need sum action

(Dickle walks into the bathroom)

Dickle: ??? so no head???? *smashes phone on the ground*

(A toiler flushes and a peanut walks out of the stall. Dickle is immediately in love)

Dickle: DAM BABY u wanna com home w me??? ;))))

Seanut: ur thicc

(Seanut jumps into Dickle's arms. They walk out of the 7/11)

Cashier: Hey! You need to pay for those magazines!

Dickle: *pulls out a rifle and kills the cashier*

Seanut: hot

Dickle Adopts a Slave

(open up on Dickle and Seanut in a dark basement)
Dickle: etherness, togetherness. butts. sex. this is what our relationship stands for. I own you now.

Seanut: Uh no

Dickle: *whips Seanut* SHUT UP!!!! I DIDNT TELL U TO SPEAK SEANUT

Seanut: my names peanut

Dickle: well now its seanut

Seanut: *cries*