Pickle and Peanut Theme Song is the theme song for Pickle and Peanut.


Sharks, swords,
Yogurt, kicks,
Fries, smartphones,
Hot tubs, yeah

Shades, bagels,
Grills, airbrush,
Crome, blankets,
Mopeds, yes

Drop top, laptop,
Breathmints, scars,
Kittens, wet-skis,
Drive-thru, fresh

Tight pants, wide screens,
Tacos, wheelies,
Freestyle, thrift stores,

Pickle and Peanut,
Pickle and Peanut,
Pickle and Peanut,



  • The production code for the theme song is 154P-100, being produced first and separately from the show.
  • During the part where "Pickle and Peanut" is said for the last four lines, the closed captioning says "They call him Peanut."

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