Background information
First episode ""Greg""
Latest episode ""Clip Show""
Voice Johnny Pemberton
Inspiration He's a peanut so that's a thing
Character information
Full name Peanut
Other names
Occupation Mjart Mart employee
Affiliations Peanut, Sneaky Patty, other people too
Goal Be the best friend that he can to Pickle
Home Reno
Allies Pickle, Sneaky Patty, McSweats, Greg, Champion Horse, Mr.Mjart, more people
Enemies McSweats at times, Mam Mams, 90s Adventure Bear
Likes being cool
Dislikes being left out of cool powers
Powers and abilities forgetting he's friends with pickle and screwing things over royally, but also making up before things get TOO bad
Weapons Sneaky Patty on speed dial
Quote "We should've worn more protective pants!"
Signature "Popopopopopopo!"
Peanut one of the main protagonists of the show.

Peanut is the brains of P+P. He is upbeat, optimistic, and driven to succeed. Peanut’s downfall is that he often doesn’t see the big picture until it is smashing through his windshield. He’s got a strong sense of justice and, in his own way, always tries to stand up for what he thinks is right (although what he thinks is right sometimes isn’t). There is nothing he wouldn’t do for his best friend Pickle.


  1. He lives in Reno and is best friends with Pickle. They both work at Mjart Mart and have a good relationship with their boss. He often loses sight of what is actually important to try and be cooler.
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