(opens up on Mjärt Mart)
Pickle: Attention, Mjärt Mart employees. I need a clean-up on aisle one, two. One, two. One, two, one, two. (starts beat boxing) Kitty litter, two for one. (continues beat boxing)
Pickle/Peanut: Mjärt Mart!
Peanut: Pickle, I think we're ready.
Pickle: For a bathroom break? No, man. For a bigger audience. While we rock our party jams.
Mr. Mjärt: (over speakers) Attention, Mjärt Mart. Will Pickle and Peanut please report to cereal aisle?
Pickle: Mr. Mjärt needs us.
Peanut: Get your butt on the belt. It's time for turbo reverse. Whoo!
(Pickle and Peanut end up on the cereal aisle where Mr. Mjärt is.)
Mr. Mjärt: At ease, boys. Today, we are trying out a new cereal.

(cut to a live action Spoonicorn cereal commercial)
Spoonicorn cereal
Jam some in your mouth hole

(cut back to Mjärt Mart)
Mr. Mjärt: I need you guys to pass these samples out by end of day.
Peanut: Ah, don't worry your pretty little face, we got it.
Mr. Mjärt: Oh, I love you like sons. I could kiss you on the lips, but I won't. Whoosh!
Pickle: Standing in place handing out cups of cereal sounds like fun.
Peanut: No it doesn't. I have a better plan:
(cut to a variety of scenes showing Pickle and Peanut following Peanut's plan)
Peanut: (cont'd) Super drenchers. (cut to Pickle and Peanut making cereal) Mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix, mix. Old lady carts. (Pickle and Peanut start riding the cart) Flair! (Pickle cuts a unicorn with a saw.)
(Pickle and Peanut shoot cereal into a girl's mouth, which she eats.)
(Pickle and Peanut shoot cereal into a boy's mouth, which he eats.)
Big kid: Oh, you think that's awesome? At my party tonight, I might bench press a washing machine. Hahaha!
Peanut: Hey, Lazer, you havin' a party? How 'bout we come by and drop some def beats?
Lazer: Oh, some def beats. Great i... (blows raspberry) Boosh! (knocks Pickle and Peanut, they bump into a shelf)
Echoing voice: Action, action, action.
(Lazer laughs)
Lazer: I punched their bodies.
(Pickle runs off crying.)
Peanut: Aw, Pickle. Hey. Wait up. (enters the Cutie Patootie room) Hey, hey, come on, MC Murder Lips. Tuck those tears away. (wipes off some of the cream that's on Pickle)
Pickle: This zit cream is makin' me feel all tingly and weirdo.
Peanut: I don't feel nothin'. (turns into a lady peanut)
Pickle: Oh my gosh, you're so beautiful. (some of the zit cream on him wears off) Awwwwwwwwww... Wait a minute. (turns around and looks at his behind) Wait. A. Minute. That zit wasn't on my butt this morning.
(a pimple appears on his behind)
Pickle/Peanut: Whoa!
Peanut: Aw, hey, little buddy, what's your name?
Greg: Greg.
Pickle: I'm a mom!
Peanut: Oh my gosh!
Pickle: Oh my gosh.

(cut to Pickle and Peanut walking around in the store)
Peanut: First, we're gonna pick dandelions at Jason's house. Then, we're gonna go skinny dipping at the old folks' house. Does that sound like fun or what?
Greg: Greg.
(Pickle and Peanut laugh)
Girl: Awww! Who's your little friend? He's adorable.
Peanut: We got a real lady magnet here. Follow my lead. (to people in Mjärt Mart) This is Greg, everybody. We pretty much taught him everything he knows about uh...being awesome and partying. In fact, you can't even call it a party if Greg's not there. (to Greg) Why don't you, 'em your moves, Greg?
(Pickle and Greg do a little dance.)
Guy: Whoo! Come on. Hit it. Make it bounce.
Girl: He is too cute. Can I get a pic for the webnets? (takes a picture of her and Greg)
Echoing voice: Duck face, duck face.
Peanut: What what?
Mjärt Mart customers: What? Oh yeah!
(Pickle wraps a bracelet around Greg.)
Pickle/Peanut: Friends.
Echoing voice: Friendship bracelet, friendship bracelet, friendship bracelet.
Mjärt Mart customers: Awww!
Lazer: Uh, remember when I punched you into that zit cream, and you guys looked like a couple of slippery ghost wieners? I was wrong. How about I let you guys perform at my party if you let me borrow Greg?
Peanut: Pickle, friendship tunnel.
(Pickle and Peanut start a private conversation.)
Peanut: Hey, this party could be our chance to show off our ill moves.
Pickle: You sure? You know we can't trust Lazer.
Peanut: That guy's always makin' us look like a couple of dumb bags.
Pickle: Let's just keep Greg and forget about that party.
Peanut: No, man, this is our fast track to fame.
Pickle: Let's see how Greg feels about this before we hand him over to that total psycho.
Peanut: So, what do you say, Greg?
Greg: Greg.
Peanut: (to Lazer) Okay, Lazer, we're in. (hands Greg to Lazer; to Peanut) Time to iron your party pants. We're gonna turn this dumper out. Up top.
(Pickle smacks Peanut.)

(cut to Pickle and Peanut in their truck)
Peanut: So once we're at the party, we raise the roof, and then, pump up the jams.
(Pickle looks out the window.)
Peanut: Hey, buddy, what is it? What's wrong? Let me into your secret garden.
Pickle: Aw, I feel bad about giving up Greg. I don't think I'd miss him so much.
Peanut: We'll give him back after the party. Look, we're not gonna be wild, free, and dumb forever. Someday, we'll be old and fat and boring. And someday, you'll be in traffic thinkin', "What if I'd done this, or what if I'd done that?" And we're not gonna live a life of what-if's. Together, we'll take on this crazy world, because nothing, is stronger than...wait a second. Is that my jam comin' on the radio?
And my mama goes...
Pickle/Peanut: Boom shaka laka
Boom shaka laka boom!
Boom shaka laka
Boom shaka laka boom!
Boom shaka laka
Boom shaka laka boom! (the truck crashes into a fence, Pickle and Peanut run to the door)
Peanut: Okay man, let's get focused. Tiger eyes.
(Pickle and Peanut start staring closely at each other.)
Peanut: Oh, come on, those are you stinkin' baby bear eyes. Geez Louise. (knocks on door)
(Pickle adjusts Peanut's headband.)
Peanut: Ah, thanks, man.
Pickle: Looks good. (licks his hand and rubs it on Peanut)
(Pickle and Peanut start smacking each other.)
Peanut: Get off me! What, are you on a date? (knocks door again)
Pickle: What's so great about Lazer's parties anyway?
Girl: Hi, boys. Come on in.
Pickle/Peanut: Yoga pants, yoga pants, yoga pants. (open door) Whoa! We're in? (imitate gunfire)
Peanut: Look, man. Before we blow up this spot, let's split up and look for Greg.
Pickle: That'd be really great.
Peanut: Okay, but while we're at the party, keep cool.
Pickle: Greg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peanut: Shhhhhh. Cooler!
Pickle: Greg!
Peanut: Cooler.
Pickle: (whispering) Greg.
Peanut: Perfect. Okay, now go work your magic.
Pickle: All right, I'm at a party, lookin' for Greg. I've got my tiger eyes. (sees table of snacks) Oh, hey, snacks. (eats the snacks) Have you ladies seen my friend? (shapes his hands to indicate the size of Greg) He's about this tall, he has a drooly mouth. (receives no response) You wanna make out?
(the ladies walk away, disgusted)
Pickle: (sees a lady with a face like a foot) Face! Foot-foot-foot-foot face! You have a foot-foot face!

(cut to Peanut)
Peanut: Greg? Greg, you in here? Greg?
Greg: Greg.
Peanut: Huh? Greg? (takes a look at the situation) What the... wha huh wha huh?

(cut to Pickle)
Pickle: Foot face. You have a foot for a face. (Peanut runs over him.)
Peanut: Pickle, you have to see this.
Pickle: I just met the most amazing foot face girl. Let's honeymoon in Sacramento. (Peanut throws him on the floor.) What the fart?
(Lazer is shown kicking Greg.)
Greg: Greg. Greg. (in the air, distorted) Greg.
Pickle: Hey, Lazer. That's my zit you're kicking.
Lazer: Oh, I'm keeping Greg forever.
(a girl takes a picture)
Echoing voice: Duck face, duck face, duck face, duck face.
Lazer: Oh, that's gonna get so many likes.
Peanut: I think Lazer needs a blast of Spoonicorn upside the head.
Pickle: With extra zit sauce. (pours zit sauce into the gun)
Echoing voice: Science, science, chemestries, chemestries, magic, magic, magic, magic.
Lazer: We're gonna party like this forever, pretty ba... (gets sprayed with zit sauce)
Pickle/Peanut: (imitate gunfire)
(Greg grows huge, and destroys the house.)
Greg: Greg!!
Pickle/Peanut: Greg!
Lazer: Greg? (gets eaten by Greg) My's dry clean only! (Greg gulps him down.)
Greg: Greg!!!!!!!
Pickle/Peanut: Greg, uh-huh!
He ate Lazer,
(Greg grabs Pickle.)
Peanut: Uh-huh!
(shrieks) Pickle, get back down here.
Pickle: Greg has really strong fingers! This is all your fault.
Peanut: You're right! You're right!
Pickle: Before I die, you should know something.
Peanut: What is it, pal?
Pickle: What's up with the headband? You don't even know how to play tennis. (mocking Peanut) "Ooh, look at me. I'm..."
Peanut: Shut up, stupid! I got an idea how to save your dumb life. (dials phone) Beep-bop-boop-bop Hey, man. It's Peanut. I need a solid. Look, Pickle's about to get eaten by a giant zit. I got a plan to save him, but it's a two-man job and I really need your help.

(cut to a house room)
Horse: Gotta go, babe.
Girl: What about the pot roast?
Horse: No time for pot roast, toots.

(cut to a screen with a caption saying "CHAMPION HORSE")
Voiceover: Champion Horse!
(a few short scenes are shown of Champion Horse)
(cut back to the screen with a caption saying "CHAMPION HORSE")
Voiceover: Champion Horse!

(cut to Greg at Mjärt Mart)
Greg: Greg.
(Peanut runs over to Champion Horse.)
Peanut: Ah! Ah! Thank goodness you made it. I need to get inside that store, but it's all locked up. Here's my plan. I need you to give me a boost into that vent. Do you see it waaaaaaaaaaay...?
(Champion Horse kicks Peanut inside the locked room.)

(cut to a screen with a caption saying "CHAMPION HORSE")
Voiceover: Champion Horse!

(cut to Greg about to eat Pickle)
Pickle: Tell the foot-faced girl I said goodbye!
Peanut: Hang on, baby bear. (in deep voice) Tiger eyes.
(We see Pickle about to get eaten by Greg.)
Pickle: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
(Peanut freaks out. Greg wipes Pickle on his face.)
Pickle: You mean you're not gonna kill me? 'Cause, I'm sort of your mom. You remembered.
Echoing voice: Friendship bracelet, friendship bracelet.
People: Awwwww!
Pickle: I only wish Peanut was here to share in all this love.

(cut to Peanut dealing with Greg)
Jam some in your face hole!
(Peanut goes right through Greg's face.)
Echoing voice: Excitement, excitement, excitement, excitement.
(some of the zit ends up on everyone's faces) People: Ewwwwww!
Girl: It's on my face!
Peanut: Pickle, speak to me.
Pickle: You saved my life.
Peanut: Get that, back it up
Get that, back it up
Pickle: Do you think Greg's gonna be okay?
(Greg's body falls over.)
Peanut: Oh, he'll be fine.
(Lazer appears.)
Lazer: Those guys destroyed my party.
People: Boooooooo!
Peanut: Hey, are those guys booing us? I just saved everyone from that monster.
Pickle: We actually ended up liking Greg, so everyone thinks you're a sack of butts. However, I did score some digits, and she's got a sister.
(Foot face's sister is shown.)
Peanut: Ladies can wait, man. Now, we've got the big audience we always wanted.
Pickle: And, we're still wild, free, and dumb.
(Pickle and Peanut imitate gunfire.)
Peanut: Let's flip on fresh mode and drop one of those sickening beats.
Pickle: Boom, wa-wa-wa-wa-wa (starts beat boxing)
Peanut saved the day
Greg's face is a puddle
Now, he's got a lady friend
Foot face, double date
Pickle and Peanut
Next episode is better
(the end)

Gramma Jail

(opens up on Mjärt Mart with Pickle checking out items)
Pickle: Vitamins, ointment, powder, kitty litter. (sees a box of giant diapers) Mam Mams, you must have a big baby at home, 'cause you're always buying these giant diapers.
Mam Mams: Oh, Pickle, you're silly.
Pickle: You know what? I'm always so happy to see you. I might even give you a kiss if you weren't all wrinkly like a turtle.
Mam Mams: Oh, you're precious.
(Mam Mams' eleventh item shows up)
Pickle: Uh...Mam Mams. This is your eleventh item, and the express lane is ten items or less.
Mam Mams: Oh...come on, Pickle. Be a sweetie bun-buns and let this one slide. Oh, pleeaaaaaaaaaaaase!
Pickle: Okay. But don't tell anyone our dirty little secret.
Mam Mams: Oh, you're such a good, simple boy. Your grandma must be proud. (grabs Pickle's cheek)
Pickle: She's dead.
Mam Mams: Bye, sweetie bun-buns!
Offscreen voice: Excuse me, miss! (knocks over Mam Mams)
(the word "IMPACT" appears onscreen)
Echoing voice: Impact, impact, impact, impact.
(handcuffs get put on Mam Mams)
Pickle: Whoa! (inaudible)
Mr. Mjärt: Great job, Pickle. You had me stop this express lane rule breaker! She goin' to America jail now!
Mam Mams: But-but-but-but! Wait, sir!
Mr. Mjärt: Yes, yes, yes. No lady buts. Keep up the great work, boys.
Peanut: Looks like another granny going to the big house.
You're such a bad gramma,
Gonna put you in the slammer
You're such a bad gramma,
Gonna put you in the slammer
You did a dirty crime
And you're gonna do the time
Hey, Picks, is that your little old lady friend?
Pickle: Oh, man, jail? That sounds pretty intense. Peanut, this is all my fault.
Peanut: Ah, don't worry. It's probably some old lady jail where they knit cupcakes and do pet therapy there all day.
Pickle: Yeah, you're probably right.
Lady in blue: Wrong! Old lady jail is a black heart of the devil himself. Filled with the most hardcore grannies on the planet. I should know. I just got out and barely survived. I lost my ding-dang arm for bein' a snitch!
Pickle: Oh, no! What did I do? (starts crying)
Peanut: Hey, hey. Who needs a happy helmet? You have more boo-boos than a ghost owl. Hey, look. I just turned your frown upside-down.
Mam Mams: I'm-a feelin' one of my faintin' spells. (faints)
Peanut: Hey, man. Maybe your old granny friend'll be fine.
Pickle: No, she doesn't stand a chance. And I was her sweetie bun-buns.
Peanut: Pickle, old people are a dime a dozen. They're all over the place.
Pickle: Gotta make this right.
Peanut: Okay, okay. Oh! I got a plan! You got that warrior spirit?
Echoing voice: Warrior spirit, warrior spirit.
Pickle: I think I'm ready. Uh, excuse me, miss. Are you still taking a nap, or can we help you?
Lady in blue: (passes away) Nope. Too rang-a-dang late.

(cut to the old lady jail)
Man: You may have been hardcore on the outside, but as long as you're in this gray pit of despair, you're all mine. Here's your new home. If you're thirsty, there's the toilet. (slams door)
Peanut: Ca-caw. Ca-caw. Pickle, we're in.
(Pickle uses a saw to cut through the old lady suit.)
Pickle: Whooooooooooooooooo!
(Pickle and Peanut start exercising.)
Pickle: Pump it.
Peanut: Pop it.
Pickle: Pump it.
Peanut: Pop it.
Pickle: No more wasting time. We gotta look for Mam Mams.
Peanut: Whoa, whoa. Hold up. We can't go out there like this.
Pickle: Oh, it's the shawl, isn't it? I knew it was too much.
Peanut: No, man. That shawl is a stunner. In fact, if I was a grandpa, I'd be all like, "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. Give me a slice of that grandma cake. Mmmmmm!"
Pickle: What is it, then?
Peanut: We still stink like young boys. But I got us covered. (pulls out a spray with the words "OLD SMELL" on it) I made this musk from mothballs, hard candy, and prune juice.
(an old lady head appears in a bubble at the top right of the screen)
Old lady head: It's old lady tested and approved. (does thumbs up) Oh, and help! I'm trapped in a bubble!

(cut to the old lady jail restaurant)
Peanut: Hey, I gotta say. Granny jail ain't so bad, right?
Pickle: Hey, yeah. Look at all this food. Hmm, let's see. What am I in the mood for? Um, I think I'll try the vegetarian lasagna.
(the lasagna gets put on Pickle's plate)
Peanut: And we don't have to pay for this?
(Pickle and Peanut imitate gunfire)
Peanut: Hey, let's go check out the other amenities, huh?

(cut to a room with a bunch of old people exercising)
Pickle: Whoa, look at this weight room.
Peanut: Yeah, man, we're in prison now. We can't walk around with a muffin top. Gotta stay fit. Are you ready? (turns on music) And, begin. And a-one.
(Pickle and Peanut get smacked by a weight)
Pickle: (groans) Huh? Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh.
Peanut: Hey. What is it, pal? What do you see?
(sad music starts playing)
Old lady: (to her cat) You're a pretty girl, you're a pretty kitty.
Cat: Mew!
Pickle: Meow?
Cat: Mew.
Pickle: Meow.
Cat: Mew.
Pickle: Mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew.
Cat: (low-pitched) Meow. Meow.

(cut to the yard)
Peanut: Oh, wow. And a giant yard?
Pickle: Aw, I should've brought my boomerang.
Peanut: Hey, don't beat yourself up, man. We can't lose focus. Let's find your friend and get outta here.
Old man: Hey, fresh meat. You lookin' for your friend? Better warn her about Psycho Cyclops. She's one stone cold mamma jamma.
Pickle/Peanut: Psycho Cyclops?
(camera cuts to a man punching an old grandma)
One-eyed man: I could punch grandma gut all day long.
Mam Mams: Let's go play some bingo.
Pickle: Mam Mams? We gotta save her. Mam Mams.
Peanut: Mam Mams.
Pickle/Peanut: Mam Mams.
Pickle: Come with us. We're here to rescue you.
(Pickle and Peanut get grabbed by a man.)
Pickle/Peanut: Whoa!
(The man sniffs their hair.)
Big man: Somethin' don't smell right about these two ninnies.
Peanut: Oh no. Our old lady stink is wearing off.
Pickle: Mam Mams, this is Pickle and Peanut. Run. Run. Save yourself. Get outta here. Save yourself.
(camera zooms in to Mam Mams' face)
Mam Mams: Oh, you silly boys. (take off glasses to reveal her one eye) I am the Psycho Cyclops.
Pickle/Peanut: Whoa! Whoa!
Mam Mams: You two wieners got me thrown back into prison. But, see, I'm the Queen Bee of this hive.
Man: Oh, hey, Psycho. (Mam Mams takes off his hand and smacks him with it)
Mam Mams: Ain't that right, Lady Bees?
Other bees: All hail the Queen Bee!
Mam Mams: Now, you boys'll have to be my slaves. Throw the dumper in the sweat box! I've got plans for the pretty one.
Pickle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. There must be some mistake.
Peanut: Pickle!!!!!!
Pickle: I thought I was the pretty one. (gets thrown into the sweat box) Can't believe Mam Mams would do this to me. I was only trying to help her. Now Peanut's probably dead, and I'll be stuck up in this sweat box forever.

(cut to Peanut)
Peanut: Thanks again for these roast beef pajama pants, but I don't really understand...
(two wolves growl and start beating up Peanut)

(cut to Pickle)
Pickle: (starts crying)
(a grandma appears in the puddle)
Grandma: Quit your ding-dang blubberin', boy.
Pickle: You're the dead ghost lady from the store.
(a group of other grandmas appear)
Pickle: Who are you old crows?
Grandma: We are the mystic council of Great Grandmothers. We know all the mysteries of life, death and banana bread. If you wanna get out of here, you need to find your inner grandma.
Pickle: Find my inner grandma?
Grandma #2: You need to find your inner grandma.
Grandma #3: Find your inner grandma.
Old lady head: Help, help, I'm still trapped in this bubble. I can't get out.
Grandmas: Find your inner grandma. Find your inner grandma.
Old lady head: Oh, somebody please help an old lady stuck in a bubble.
Pickle: Find my inner grandma. Find my inner grandma.

(the scene cuts to a few grandma spirit photos)
Singer: Oo-ee, oo-ee!
Voiceover: Grandma spirit.
Singer: Oo-ee, oo-ee!
Voiceover: Grandma spirit.
Singer: Oo-ee, oo-ee!
Voiceover: Grandma spirit.
Singer: Oo-ee, oo-ee, oo-oo-oo, oo-ee!

(cut to Pickle in the sweat box)
Pickle: (howls)

(cut to Peanut)
Peanut: No, no, no, no, no.
(Pickle breaks out of the sweat box)
Pickle: My inner grandma's about to give you an old biddy beatdown! (to the wolves) Shoo, scoot. Go git.
(the wolves run away)
Mam Mams: Dagnabit. Bring the sting, Lady Bees.
(the lady bees start buzzing while running towards Pickle and Peanut)
Peanut: Those old ladies are acting like bees. They're gonna sting us.
Pickle: Eh, don't worry, I'll just go kick some granny glutes. (her old lady look starts fading) No, my old lady powers are fading.
Peanut: Hey, don't worry. Looky here. Give me your big, dumb head. (climbs atop Peanut)
Pickle: Yuck. Your belly's in my mouth.
(Peanut starts grabbing on to Peanut with his hands.)
Echoing voice: Slappy helmet, slappy helmet, slappy helmet, slappy helmet.
(Peanut takes out the one-eyed man.)
Echoing voice: Payback, payback, payback.
(Peanut takes out two other old people.)
Echoing voice: Justice, justice, justice.
(Pickle and Peanut take out a few other old people.)
Echoing voice: Young boy vengeance, vengeance, vengeance.
(Mam Mams takes out Pickle and Peanut.)
Mam Mams: You boys may have taken out my lady bees. But now, taste the wrath of my yarn balls!
Peanut: Aaaaahhh! Balls!
Mam Mams: Ahahahahahaha! Ahaha! (low-pitched) Ahaha!
Peanut: Those balls are gonna hurt so much!
(Pickle shows Mam Mams a kitty.)
Mam Mams: What? Oh.
Cat: Mew.
Mam Mams: Meow? Oh, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew. Mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew. Mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew.
Cat: Mew.
(Peanut plays a gentle tune.)
Echoing voice: Therapeutics, peutics, peutics, peutics, peutics. Healing, healing, healing, healing.
Peanut: Hey, man, that was a real power move with that cat. How'd you pull that off?
Pickle: Let's just say I did the old prison swap. You know what I'm sayin'?

(cut to a picture with text saying "The Old PRISON SWAP")
Voiceover: The old prison swap.

(cut to Peanut and the cat owner doing a swap)
Cat owner: Oh, pretty kitty. Oh, you're a pretty girl.
(Pickle hands the cat owner a roll of toilet paper.)

(cut to a picture with text saying "The Old PRISON SWAP")
Voiceover: The old prison swap.

(cut back to Pickle and Peanut)
Pickle/Peanut: Uh! Uh! Uh!
Swing it back and forth,
Swing it back and forth, yeah!
Swing it back and forth,
Swing it back and forth, yeah!
(the five grandmas appear)
Pickle: It's the magic ghost grannies.
(four of Mam Mams' bees gasp)
Grandma: Pickle, we're all really proud of you.
Grandma #2: You risked your own life and went to jail just to help a sweet old lady that you barely knew.
Grandma #3: You summoned strength and courage to kick a bunch of grandmas in the teeth and help your weakling friend.
Peanut: Hey!
Grandma: You did all this with a noble heart and good intentions. And that's the makings of a ding-dang great grandmother. Maybe even, the greatest grandmother. (taps Pickle's head)
Echoing voice: Honors, honors, honors. Blessings, blessings, blessings.
(bees cheer)
Grandma: Here's something for your little friend. (gives Peanut a card)
Peanut: What's this? (grabs five dollar bill from the card) Whoa, hey! Five bucks!

(cut to Pickle and Peanut on their way out of jail)
Peanut: Well, ladies, it's been real. Keep your nose clean and don't get ambushed in the yard.
Cop: And, where do you ladies think you're goin'?
Peanut: Oh. Uh, there was a mistake. We're actually just young boys on our way outta here. Uh-huh. We're just fakin' bein' old biddies. (plays gentle tune)
Cop: Oh, I'm so sorry. My mistake. Now, get back in there before I rip your face off your butts!

(cut to Pickle and Peanut in the jail two weeks later)
Pickle: Well, I'll say this about jail. At least they have spacious showers.
Peanut: Hey, you know what? That's a good point.
Pickle: If we have to spend twenty-five to life in old lady jail, at least we're doin' it together.
Peanut: Aw, that's pretty sweet, man. If we weren't naked, I'd hug ya.
(Peanut puts his arms up.)
Peanut: What's goin' on (inaudible)? Why are your arms up? Why are they up?
Pickle: Happy helmet! (jumps on Peanut)
Peanut: Aw, man. Get off me. Gross!

(a caption appears on the screen, saying "in loving memory of Mildred Drypatch")
Old lady head: Help, help! I'm still trapped in this bubble! Oh. Somebody help me. I'm a little old lady, and I'm in this bubble, I can't get out.
(the end)

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